Friday, February 6, 2009

Step Three, Share Your Goals with the People Who Matter

Does your business partner share your vision and goals for your business?

Do your spouse and kids share your goal of moving out of the city?

It's important to share your goals with people who matter. Especially people whose lives will be greatly influenced by you attaining these goals.

The Law of Attraction applies to all of us - all of the time and helps shape our reality - but it also shapes the reality of those closest to us.

If your spouse dreams of moving into a country house while you dream of moving into a city apartment, your goals are not aligned. You may cancel each other out, be greatly unhappy or for better or worse - both of you may get what you desire - but minus each other. The same applies to businesses - are your partners and employees sharing your vision?

There are certain goals you may want to keep private though. Perhaps a crazy idea you're not yet ready to share. These are often called Pocket Goals. It's okay to keep these private and hidden.

We all influence each other in profound ways. We can help one another attain a goal when we're aligned. But we can also create barriers for one another when our goals pull us in different directions.

Why You Can't Win the Lottery

This helps us answer a common question. If the Law of Attraction is so Powerful why can't I use it to win the Lottery?

You cannot use it to win the lottery simply because while you may be dreaming of this - millions of others who bought tickets are also trying to attract this. All of you cancel out each others intentions!

Setting a goal to win the lottery is a lousy goal - the lottery winnings are limited. But setting a goal to earn money through honest means is not. Abundance is unlimited.

Spread the Message

As we all influence each other, it is important to share our goals with people who matter. If your family members and business associates are aware of the Law of Attraction. Their success will only help reinforce your own.

This is perhaps why The Secret DVD spread so rapidly to millions around the world. A lot of people brushed it off to good marketing. I don't believe this. I think it spread because people realized that this knowledge would greatly improve the lives of their loved ones - and thus, impact their own lives and dreams.

In the same way, I hope you'll forward these lessons to your loved ones and friends. Ask them to sign up for this 7 Part Free Course.

James Allen said, "You don’t get what you want … you get what you ARE." You have rich resources lying dormant within you. The development of what lies there inside you will cause the manifestation of prosperity into your material world … the creation of healthy, giving relationships … and successful endeavors in whatever you choose to do.

You simply must Decide what it is you want..... Ask, believing that you will receive it.... and then Open up and gratefully receive it.

Let’s think about this in regard to earning money … Although the differences in what you’ve earned over the last 12 months and what you choose to earn over the next 12 months might be great, the change in your personality is usually very small … it’s all a matter of CHOOSING – and changing– your thought.

Your right to life means your right to have the free and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary for your physical, mental spiritual unfolding - in other words, your right to be rich. We have the RIGHT to choose, the ability to choose what we’re going to have … “Ask and it will be given.”

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

The Second Step, Think BIG

Remember, the Law of Attraction implies that anything is within your field of possibility if you desire it strongly, believe in it, and take action towards it.

If you had a genie ready to grant your wishes, would you ask for something small? Say a chocolate milkshake?

No. You'd be nuts. You'd be asking for bigger things. A business, a soul-mate, glorious health, glorious wealth.

The Law of Attraction is like a genie. So don't squander your potential on small things.

Now here's why it's important to think big. There is so much that can be improved in the world. There is much you can contribute.

But you cannot do this by being mediocre.

Jose Silva, the founder of Silva Method studied the Law of Attraction for many years and one of the things he found was that the Law of Attraction works best for you and you can ask for something that will not just benefit you, but others too.

Setting a goal of getting a $1000 raise is a small goal. There's not much you can do to benefit the world with that extra $1000 per month. But setting a goal to run your own business and earn $50,000 a month is a good goal. With that money you can not only create a good life for your family, but also donate money to your favorite charities or fund neighborhood projects.

You owe it not just to yourself - but to the world - to THINK BIG.

So how do you tell if your goal is big enough?

Joe Vitale, one of the teachers from the Secret has a wonderful quote.

A good goal should SCARE you a little.

~ Joe Vitale

That simple quote sums up some really important lessons.

If the goal doesn't excite you, well you're not going to attract it. Remember what we learned in lesson 2.

Goals that EXCITE you are the type that let you pour your heart and soul into them. The bigger the goals - the more excited about it you can get.

Now let's look at the second part of that quote. "Scare you a little."

If you don't feel a tiny bit nervous about the goal - odds are you're THINKING TOO SMALL.

Apply this principle to your goals. Do they excite you? Do they scare you a little?

Those that do are probably the right ones.

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

The First Step, Deciding What You Want

"The Mind is Like a Drunken Monkey, Forever Jumping Around, Never Staying Steady" ~ Zen Saying

The world and everything and everyone in it has a tendency to keep its conscious attention jumping from one idea or activity to another. The average individual has an ARRAY of unrelated subjects laying across the screen of his mind … the likes of which you’d have difficulty finding anywhere else outside of a common encyclopedia! There is no focus, no direction, and no stimulated, controlled thinking going on at all.

As Wallace Wattles mentions in this chapter, “You can never get rich or start the creative power into action by sending out unformed longings and vague desires.”

What Wallace is saying is this: Many of us are not sure what we want and so we get nowhere.

Here's the problem:

Let's say you decide you want to open a specific business, say a particular Internet home business. You've been dreaming about it - thinking about it - feeling the excitement at the prospect of being able to run your own profitable website.

Now of course as you're experiencing these feelings and thinking about it, the Law of Attraction starts going into action and things begin to happen to bring you towards this dream.

But then you have a friend approach you with a different business idea, say to open a restaurant. You suddenly get excited at this prospect. You now start to question the Internet Business idea.

Of course, as you're doing this, you continue using the Law of Attraction. But in the opposite way. The internet business that was coming your gets pushed away. A whole new reality is being created - now a reality of you as a restaurant owner.

But it does not stop there. A few weeks later, your friend may decide that he no longer wants to go into that venture with you. Now you're back to square one. Two businesses were on their way into your reality - but your indecision had pushed them back.

Every time you dream of a new goal - you plant a little seed in the Universe. Focusing and thinking of the goal is like watering that seed. As you apply more thought to the goal - shoots finally begin to sprout and push out of the ground.

But way to often - it's at this point that we suddenly change our minds. And when we do that we push the shoots back into the ground. No beautiful plant takes shape. And in terms of our goals - we move back to square one.

To overcome indecision - think carefully about what you want. And stick to it as long as your feelings about it stay positive.

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

The Power of Thinking Big

How to Set Powerful Goals that Inspire You to Go Beyond the OrdinaryHow to Set Powerful Goals that Inspire You to Go Beyond the Ordinary

You've been following these lessons and have perhaps been touched by the Law of Attraction.

In Lesson 1 you learned about your latent inner power.

In Lesson 2, we discussed the Law of Attraction.

In Lesson 3, you learned how to master your thoughts.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to go further. You see, we each possess in us remarkable reserves of power -- just waiting to be tapped and properly channeled. And yet most of us lead quiet, ordinary lives.

Imagine for a moment, if Superman used his powers to do nothing more than save kittens stuck in trees. What a waste of potential! We laugh at an image like that.

But what we fail to realize is that most people, even if they do believe in the Law of Attraction, completely fail to live up to their full potential. Believing in the Law does not mean you're really using it.

In this lesson - we're going to EXPAND your mind to recognize and embrace your TRUE potential.

It Starts with Boosting Your Self-Esteem

In the video below, Jack Canfield Explains the Importance of Self-Esteem and What Happens When You Begin to
Recognize Your True Potential

How to Have a Life Beyond the Ordinary

Since we were kids, we've been conditioned to see ourselves as having limits.

Children are born free of mental baggage. They see themselves as capable of doing and being anything they choose. That's why as kids we dream of being astronauts or explorers or movie-stars. But as we get older - our minds get shackled. We slowly give up our dreams to fear, worry or feelings of lacking.

This is a big mistake. You see, it's as easy to manifest a million dollars as it is to manifest one dollar. It may take a little longer - but it's just as easy. But due to negative feelings and fears - few of us attempt such big dreams.

Instead, we settle for the ordinary and as a result fall into the current reality trap.

How many dreams have you given up on?

Here's a list of big goals that people often put off.

  • writing that book
  • starting that business
  • learning that language
  • having that baby
  • visiting that country
  • getting that degree
  • attending that seminar
  • starting that Internet business
Vow to stop putting down your dreams!

Regardless of what may be going on in your life, I’d suggest that you take the time to build a very clear image of the life you want. Then, hold that image – focus on it daily. Take the time to paint the image in your mind – paint the image with words on a sheet of paper first. Write it again and again, and when you do, mix it up a little. Picture yourself in different scenarios enjoying this result in your life.

I want you do to this at least once each day for a full month. As William James says, “You are depositing this image in the treasury of your subconscious mind. And when that happens … it will attract itself into your reality".

The first step to this of course, is deciding what this image is.

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Emotions create Energy leading to Action

By focusing on the positive and using the Energy Redirection Technique, Burt allowed the Law of Attraction to work for him. He made the dented fender bring to his mind, not the negative feelings of loss - but the positive feeling of wanting to earn THREE times the cost of fixing that fender.

In Burt's story above - you can see how he looked at the dent, and saw something positive out of it.

He redirected his negative thoughts into positive ones, and set a goal of earning 3 times the money needed to fix the dent.

Now, of course, with the dominating thought in Burt's mind being the goal of earning money, he allowed the Law of Attraction to bring that into his reality.

The Energy Redirection Technique is really simple.

When faced with a bad situation - think of a way to turn it into a CHALLENGE.

Apply creativity to the situation and any negative event can be turned into an exciting challenge.

Now, we're not saying you need to forget or ignore the negative event. That can sometimes be very hard to do. But by finding a challenge, a goal - something that can motivate and inspire you - you now re-allocate a large chunk of your energy away from the negative thoughts.

In other words, thoughts that would otherwise be obsessed with the negative event can now be redirected and focused on something positive.

It's beautiful and so simple! Yet once you learn this, you can free yourself from the many negative thoughts that keep you trapped in present conditions.

As Burt said...after setting his goal of earning 3 times the cost of the dented fender, every time he looked at the fender, he would motivate himself by thinking "I have to earn more money". The negative thoughts, anger at the person who made the dent, frustration at having to fork out money to fix it - were all being DIFFUSED by the positive challenge.

Here are several more examples:

Bed-Ridden in Hospital: Decide that you're going to use this free time to learn something fun, say a new language. Now you're thinking about a new skill rather than focusing on your illness.

Got Laid Off: Set a goal to find a job that pays you 25% more than your previous job. Think about this new job and stop thinking about being laid off. Start job hunting. Do not hold any negative feelings towards your boss for laying you off. Instead, think of him as having done you a favor because you're now going to find a better job.

Someone Owes You Money and Refuses to Pay Up: Forgive them. As long as you hold a grudge, you're telling the Universe that you've lost money. And indeed, you'll attract the loss. Instead, set a goal to earn twice the amount of money you've lost.

Got Dumped: Decide that you'll find a new love. Someone better suited to you. Make a list of all the qualities you'd love to see in your ideal mate. Now focus on meeting this new person.

Lost a Business Due to Bankruptcy: Decide that you're going to rebuild a new business and regain your financial freedom. Set a goal to earn 3 times what you previously had. Bonus Points: Decide that you're going to earn so much more than you'll be able to repay all your debts - even though you legally may not have to.

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

The Energy Redirection Technique

We've already explained how your thoughts are energy. And that which you focus on, you attract.

The danger is that bad things do sometimes happen - accidents, illnesses, bad breakups, being laid off work. When this happens and you dwell on the sudden bad situation - you just create negative energy that amplifies the bad situation and keeps you locked in it for longer.

Fortunately, there is a powerful technique you can use to pull yourself out of bad situations. It's called the Energy Redirection Technique and is used by an 80 year-old meditation expert and energy healer in California called Burt Goldman. Burt learned the technique while studying with spiritual leaders and healers from around the world.

Often, a metaphor can show the way. So we'll let Burt tell you a story of an incident that would normally cause a great degree of stress in most people and how he applied the Energy Redirection Technique to this incident.

The Story of the Dented Fender

The incident took place during a class I was presenting. I was heading out to lunch at a nearby restaurant with 3 of my students, and offered to drive. As we approached my new car, we saw a big dent in the right front fender.

Someone had slammed into it while it was parked, and had driven off without even leaving a note on the windshield.The three students looked at me and waited for the blowup.

When I first saw that dented fender, my mind flew off into all kinds of directions. For a moment I could feel irritation and my body tightening with anger, and I knew immediately I had to redirect that negative mental activity at once. I used the Energy Redirection Technique and focused on finding a way to change the negative thoughts into positive action.

Jumping into the car I said to the three, "Let's go. There's a body and fender shop just down the street."

"You going to get it fixed right now?" One of the students asked.

"Nope." I answered, "What I'm going to do is to get a price on what it costs to repair the dent, and whatever that price turns out to be, I'm going to create something that I'm not doing right now, and I'm going to make three times the cost of the dent."

We drove to a nearby shop and I was told that the cost of repairing the fender would be $450.00. I immediately tripled the figure and thought, "$1,350, I've got to earn $1,350.00 with something new."

Now whenever I looked at the dent in my fender I didn't mentally start cursing the low life who dented it and ran off. No, not at all. Now when I looked at the dent I thought, "$1,350.00, I've got to earn $1,350.00."

I kept thinking of how I could make that amount of money. It had to be something that I was not doing at that time. I put on my Creative Hat and thought about it, and finally came up with the answer.

I would create a brand new seminar for my friends and if they liked it I would send out a mailing to all the people who had been through my classes, and would set a goal of making $1,350.00 from it!

And so I put the seminar together and did it for free-of-charge for fifteen friends. They loved it. I then sent out a mailing and conducted the new seminar.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had made more on that seminar than the new car cost! And all because someone dented my fender.

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

The Power of Gratitude

The first technique for thought control is simply called Expressing Gratitude

People who let the Law of Attraction work for them are a certain breed of people. You'll recognize them when you meet them.

They are often positive, joyful, in awe of the world, and full of love and compassion.

Sure, they sometimes face bad moments - feelings of despair, grief or sorrow, but they bounce back quickly. They seem to relish life itself.

A simple way to help you move into this state of joy and positive vibes is to start thinking about what you have to be thankful for.

And believe me, you have a LOT to be thankful for.

You may look at your 2-bedroom apartment, cheap car and 15" inch TV and compare yourself to wealthy people living today and feel that you have barely made it.

But think about this - you are richer than the richest people in the world living just 200 years ago. They did not have a "horseless carriage" that could carry them wherever they wanted to go. They could not use a phone to instantly communicate with anyone - anywhere in the world. They did not have a "magic story-telling box", what we would call a TV - to entertain them. 200 years ago, the amount of information that the average wealthy person could consume in a lifetime, would be no match for the amount you can consume in ONE DAY through the Internet.

You may have an average income - but you would not want to trade places with a "rich" man living just 200 years ago. You have much to be grateful for!

So to get the Law of Attraction working for you, express gratitude for what you have. Because here's the BIG secret - when you express gratitude for what you have - you allow the Universe to give you more.

Wallace Wattles hit the nail on its head when he said, "People who order their lives rightly in all areas are kept in poverty because of their lack of gratitude. Having received one gift from God, they cut the ties that connect them to God by failing to make acknowledgement."

Now here's an important thing...

The acknowledgment does not serve to boost the ego of some insecure Universal Consciousness or God. The Universe does not CARE if you're grateful or not.

Why this works is because when you express gratitude for what you have, you put YOURSELF in a frame of mind - one that's of joy and expectancy. Because you now focus on what you HAVE rather than what you DON'T HAVE, the energy you're sending out is I HAVE A LOT.

And in return the Law of Attraction has to reciprocate by giving you A LOT MORE.

Without gratitude, the energy you put out is I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH - and so, by the Law of Attraction, you'll keeping losing more and more until you don't have enough.

Jack Canfield explains how he uses the Power of Gratitude in his life...

AS I explained in the movie, The Secret, I am always grateful for all that I have in my life – I have a magnificent home … I have a tremendous wife …I love spending time with my family. And, I absolutely love what I do in my business every day. I HAVE the best … and, much to my surprise … it just keeps getting better anyway!

But the point is this – I was grateful when I had no home, no wife, no family and no business. You see, it doesn't matter where you are in life. There's a reason right NOW to express gratitude.

So do it. Get in the habit of it. Write your gratitude list every night, or say it out loud in the shower every morning. You'll notice in just a matter of days how long that list begins to grow – and what a change in attitude it creates for you … and that's where attraction finds its way to you.

How to Express Gratitude

It's really easy. Just decide to spend a few minutes each day to practice being thankful for what you have.

You could do it during:

  • Your morning commute
  • While in the shower
  • Just before going to bed at night.
  • In the morning, as soon as you wake up.
Some sample statements of gratitude you can use:

I'm so grateful for my body. It's treated me so well over the years and is aging gracefully. I'm happy with the way I look.

I'm grateful for having such an incredible family, for a spouse that loves me and for kids that are simply wonderful.

I'm grateful for being born me - for my house, car, family, health and the feeling of joy with which I pursue each and every day.

I'm so grateful now that I am earning _________ per month. I have a job I love, a career that I'm good at and I can afford anything I want for myself or my family.

I'm so happy and grateful now that money comes to me, in ever increasing quantities, through multiple sources of income, on a continuous basis.

Next...Thought Control when Something Bad Happens

But what if something particularly bad happens - an accident or sudden illness?

What do you do then?

The solution is a technique called Energy Redirection

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret